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2020-08-31Motu M4 review: Add note about fixed duplex sound support.
2020-06-06Resizing KVM disk images: Add how to remove Windows recovery partition.
2020-05-11Converting modules into bitstream format: Add case study: Unreal Tournament soundtrack.
2020-04-12Of life and love: New article.
2019-12-31Uupumus - burnout (in Finnish): Lisätty loppuvuoden tilannepäivitys.

DIY acoustic panels


Acoustic panels can be quite expensive. If you are on a low budget or need not only to just dampen your small room's reverb but also attenuate some noise, building heavy acoustic panels might do the trick. In this article I'll show what I built a couple of years ago.

KVM audio with ALSA loopback

Getting audio to work with KVM might be a bit tricky, especially when KVM expects to have exclusive access to your audio hardware. This is a problem if one would like to keep on using the host system audio while a guest is running. In this article we solve the problem using ALSA loopback devices.

Introducing GainCMS

This website and blog is made with GainCMS, a flat file CMS I wrote. This article denotes the birth of my new website and introduces the features of GainCMS.

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