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2020-08-31Motu M4 review: Add note about fixed duplex sound support.
2020-06-06Resizing KVM disk images: Add how to remove Windows recovery partition.
2020-05-11Converting modules into bitstream format: Add case study: Unreal Tournament soundtrack.
2020-04-12Of life and love: New article.
2019-12-31Uupumus - burnout (in Finnish): Lisätty loppuvuoden tilannepäivitys.

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KVM audio with ALSA loopback

Getting audio to work with KVM might be a bit tricky, especially when KVM expects to have exclusive access to your audio hardware. This is a problem if one would like to keep on using the host system audio while a guest is running. In this article we solve the problem using ALSA loopback devices.

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