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2020-08-31Motu M4 review: Add note about fixed duplex sound support.
2020-06-06Resizing KVM disk images: Add how to remove Windows recovery partition.
2020-05-11Converting modules into bitstream format: Add case study: Unreal Tournament soundtrack.
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Easy acoustic tweaks for your room

Stopping flutter echo, equalizing with ALSA and gstreamer


Most mortals have to listen to music in a somewhat small room - a closed space, which will usually result in boomy bass at some frequencies, and terrible flutter echo in the upper end of the audible spectrum.

Read this article to find out quick and cheap tricks to remedy the problems.

Building a silent computer

A somewhat obsolete article I still wanted to share


If one wants a silent gaming rig, nowadays they may just pretty much put a few extra drachmas in it and achieve the wanted results with little to no effort. But it hasn't always been like that. In this article I tell about my four-year-old computer and what I did to keep it silent. Some points might be of interest even nowadays.

DIY acoustic tub

How to play the trumpet in a quiet environment the right way


Especially since getting an easily recurring tinnitus a few years ago I've been super careful not to play my trumpet without adequate damping. Wearing earplugs works, but doesn't feel or sound good, and it doesn't help the neighbours one bit. I decided to build myself an acoustic absorber tub. Read the article to see how it fares even in hard-surfaced rooms.


2018-11-18Add decibel measurements.

The recipe for the best laptop in the world

A retrospective Acer 1810T review


After reviewing my new Asus laptop and again realizing how badly designed some modern hardware is, I decided to write a review of my old Acer laptop, too, and describe my ideal laptop. I hope some manufacturer is listening.

Asus should focus more on ergonomics than style

An Asus UX305CA laptop review by a Linux user


The Asus UX305CA promises good features, nice display, great looks and very light weight. Find out from this article how it has delivered in practice, and how it has worked running Xubuntu.


2019-07-29Add note about fixed Wi-Fi.
2018-09-08Add note about broken Wi-Fi.
2017-05-18Add notes about use in practice.

Sony phones have no warranty

A Sony Xperia Z1 Compact review

Sony phones break by themselves and have no warranty. In this article I will briefly review the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and tell you why you should never buy a Sony mobile phone.


2015-09-12Add photos from the service.

DIY acoustic panels


Acoustic panels can be quite expensive. If you are on a low budget or need not only to just dampen your small room's reverb but also attenuate some noise, building heavy acoustic panels might do the trick. In this article I'll show what I built a couple of years ago.

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