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2021-07-19Panther's DIY Wapanese Bed: New article.
2021-04-05Updating PC hardware in the 2020s: New article.
2021-04-04Learning to ice skate: New article.
2020-12-31Uupumus - burnout (in Finnish): Lisätty loppuvuoden toipumispäivitys.
2020-12-31Burnout: Add end of the year recovery update.

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Panther's DIY Wapanese Bed

Building a Japanese style bed from wood


I needed a new bed and already for a good while I'd wanted to build one. I decided to DIY a bed in a somewhat simple yet quirky fashion. Check out the article how it went and build one for yourself, too!

Learning to ice skate

Tips for newbies, from a somewhat experienced beginner


A couple of years ago I bought ice skates and made a tool to make them more compatible with my feet. Now it was time to actually finally put the skates to good use. My knowledge about ice skating and fitting skates has reached epic proportions. Check out my newbie tips from the article and get adviced and encouraged!

Of life and love

The meaning of life finally revealed (or not)


I've recently thought a lot about the concept of love and how it relates to life. This is partly because of my past, partly because of how the Finnish society is. A stream of consciousness awaits you in the Off-world colonies - just follow the hyperlink to go down the rabbit hole.

Uupumus - burnout (in Finnish)

Romahdin keväällä ja menetin jotain tärkeää


Keväällä 2019 koin pahan burnoutin pitkäaikaisen työperäisen stressin seurauksena. Halusin jakaa tarinani auttaakseni itseäni toipumisessa ja jakaakseni tietoa muille.


2020-12-31Lisätty loppuvuoden toipumispäivitys.
2019-12-31Lisätty loppuvuoden tilannepäivitys.


I had a downfall in the spring and lost something important


In spring 2019 I suffered a bad burnout after long-term stress. I wanted to share my story, to help myself recover and spread the knowledge.


2020-12-31Add end of the year recovery update.
2019-12-31Add end of the year status update.

Metal strap rocks

I like to fix things using metal strap


I guess most people tend to resort to something specific when something needs fixing. The most common must be duct tape. I like metal strap, the perforated variety. In this short article I introduce some ways in which metal strap can be used for a lot of things.

Widening narrow ice skates with a DIY tool

I guess I have weirdly shaped feet


As a kid, I never learned how to skate properly. Due to my wide feet it was super hard for me to find fitting skates. Eventually I just bought some decent ones and, since I don't have any contacts to boot punchers, decided to build a tool to make them more compatible with my feet. In this article I introduce the super simple tool that you can make too.

Toiminimen perustaminen (in Finnish)

Kokosin sivutoimista yrittäjyyttä koskevat ohjeet itselleni. Koska virallinen ohjeistus on paikoin melko sekavaa ja jopa ristiriitaista, koin tällaisen yhteenvedon olevan tarpeen. Ohjeet koskevat pääasiassa kevyttä digital nomad -tyylistä yrittäjyyttä.


2017-04-05Päivitetty artikkeli uusia lakeja (2017) vastaavaksi.
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