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Motu M4 review

With measurements and Linux notes


As new motherboards don't have a PCI bus anymore, finding high-quality, low-latency audio devices that work in Linux might be hard. Released in November 2019, the Motu M4 promises class-compliance, low latency and superb sound quality. How does it measure against its specifications in practice? Read the article to find out.


2020-12-21Add Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS and RT audio info; some tidying up.
2020-08-31Add note about fixed duplex sound support.
2020-06-06Add note about systemd and realtime audio.
2020-04-13Add more Linux compatibility tests and notes.
2020-03-31Add note about switching the sample rate.

Detachable cable and wireless mod for the AKG K701 headphones

Tested with the new FiiO BTR3 (a review)


For a long, long time I've been thinking of modifying my original Austrian-made AKG K701 headphones to have a detachable cable. After owning the headphones for eleven years, I finally did it. At the same time I kind of made them wireless using the new FiiO BTR3. Check out the article to see how they fit together.

A review and comparison of headphones and earphones

I bought the Urbanears Sumpan and was surprised


After finally buying a tablet computer I realized I'm missing a certain type of earphones to use with it. I bumped into the Urbanears Sumpan on sale and decided to try them out. Check out the article for a comparison between the AKG K701 headphones, the Shure SE215 LTD in-ear monitors, the Sony SBH70 Bluetooth earphones, and the fancy Urbanears Sumpan earphones.

Sony SBH70 bluetooth earphones review

...with a bit of modding too, of course


I wanted to have new earphones I could use when walking or doing sports. One of the requirements was they should be open design. I ended up buying the Sony SBH70 bluetooth earphones, found some shortcomings and tried to fix them with a little bit of modding. Read the full article to see some custom wingtips.

The recipe for the best laptop in the world

A retrospective Acer 1810T review


After reviewing my new Asus laptop and again realizing how badly designed some modern hardware is, I decided to write a review of my old Acer laptop, too, and describe my ideal laptop. I hope some manufacturer is listening.

Asus should focus more on ergonomics than style

An Asus UX305CA laptop review by a Linux user


The Asus UX305CA promises good features, nice display, great looks and very light weight. Find out from this article how it has delivered in practice, and how it has worked running Xubuntu.


2019-07-29Add note about fixed Wi-Fi.
2018-09-08Add note about broken Wi-Fi.
2017-05-18Add notes about use in practice.

Sony phones have no warranty

A Sony Xperia Z1 Compact review

Sony phones break by themselves and have no warranty. In this article I will briefly review the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and tell you why you should never buy a Sony mobile phone.


2015-09-12Add photos from the service.
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