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How to join a Skype for Business meeting from Linux

Summary: use a Windows virtual machine

In a previous article I discussed KVM and its audio capabilities. As of now there still isn't a nicely working emulated audio device for Windows 10 guests let alone a working Skype for Business client for Linux. In my day job I have to attend Skype for Business (formerly Lync) meetings quite often but it was impossible using my work laptop, which has Linux. I finally took the time to check out how USB passthrough works in KVM and solved the problem. Read the article to see how.


2018-09-08A note about a new work laptop.

KVM networking

Bridge setup and remote desktop connection

In this article we will setup a network bridge for use with KVM virtual machines and use RDP to connect to the guest for effortless workflow. We also discuss some problems you might encounter with the RDP connections.


2017-09-09Updated network script.
2016-10-11Add note about Windows RDP finally working.
2016-07-12Add bridged network instructions.
2016-03-25Add note about UTC clock in Windows guests.
2016-03-15Add note about Windows enterprise edition.

KVM audio with ALSA loopback

Getting audio to work with KVM might be a bit tricky, especially when KVM expects to have exclusive access to your audio hardware. This is a problem if one would like to keep on using the host system audio while a guest is running. In this article we solve the problem using ALSA loopback devices.

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