Introducing GainCMS

Having had the feeling "if I only had a blog to post this finding" every now and then for the last few years while doing something cool or weird, I'm glad I finally had enough inspiration and time to actually conjure up one.

GainCMS is a simple PHP blog engine I wrote for this website. I tried Jekyll and Grav which were close but not quite what I wanted in the end, but their influence can be seen in this work.

So, this is the first article of hopefully many to come. I think I'll be posting mainly Linux related tech stuff, but we'll see where things lead to. For now let's see the features of my new website engine.

Feature list

  • Flat file blog CMS
  • Responsive design (Bootstrap)
  • Markdown articles (Parsedown)
  • Disqus comments
  • Pagination
  • Tags
  • PHP routing
  • Simple and easy to modify

Project goals

I made this CMS to have a simple yet flexible platform to write about things I've wanted to share. Some of these are for a very small audience (Linux audio for example), and some are just for my personal fun. Professionally, I wanted to have some experience on modern responsive web design. This CMS uses Bootstrap along with custom styles (e.g. responsive YouTube-video containers). I also wanted to see how routing works in practice.

More details

I uploaded the project to GitHub where you can check out the structure of the system and more info from the readme. I'll be updating the master branch with some core features but I'll also keep a private branch for my website and its content.

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