Metal strap rocks

I like to fix things using metal strap

In this article I introduce three kinds of use cases for perforated metal strap, because I find the lack of duct tape inspiring.

Adapt things

I bought a couple of 2.5" SSD drives, but did not have adapters to attach them to an old Lian Li 3.5" HDD rack. Metal strap to the rescue!

You can bend metal strap easily, but it's still strong enough to hold things such as disk drives.

Fix things

I fixed a broken lid from an old Acer laptop using metal strap and epoxy adhesive. The lid was already cracked a couple of inches deep and was pretty much unusable. The metal strap patch is only 1 mm thick and feels really smooth to the touch after sanding it.

Attach things

This is probably the most common use case. For example, water pipes are commonly attached to ceilings with metal strap. I've attached light loudspeakers to said water pipes using metal strap. I also have an acoustic foam panel hanging on my wall, attached using metal strap. But the cleverest attachment I have is a compact fluorescent lamp which is bolted on a standard ceiling lamp hook.


Don't limit yourself to using duct tape and superglue, try metal strap for a change.

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