About me

My name is Olli, although online I go by the name Panther. Some might describe me as a weird person, but usually they mean it in a positive sense. I've always been interested in music, technology, space, and working out. I am a longtime Linux user and I like to for example write tiny Bash scripts with Vim to do this and that, hence the tech blog.

I have a master's degree in science and engineering with software engineering major from Tampere University of Technology. I wrote my thesis during trainee and research assistant programs at CERN. I also have a secondary level teacher certification from University of Tampere for information technology, mathematics and physics, and a classical line of study diploma from Pirkanmaa Music Institute.

I've played the trumpet since I was nine years old. After the bands at the music institute I've mostly been associated with the bands Poutatorvi and Utopianisti. With the former my stage persona Trumpenator was born. With the latter I've had the rare opportunity and pleasure to also play for audiences abroad.

Myself Trumpenator

Contact information

My website can always be found at http://www.iki.fi/Olli.Helin/ - it redirects to whatever my current service provider is. Similarly, my email is and always will be olli.helin(at)iki.fi. I'm found in IRCnet by the nickname Panther. Other than that I can be reached from the social network sites listed below.

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