Various projects of mine


Music related

  • Tchaikovsky's Neapolitan Dance: A trumpet solo/duet with myself.
  • Varpunen jouluaamuna: A Finnish Christmas song, trumpet solo.
  • The Final Whippage: Video game metal style song, made with FastTracker 2.


  • My MSc thesis "A Study on Virtualization and Energy Efficiency Using Linux".
  • I once figured out how to use a generic 3G USB modem with a DD-WRT flashed router using pppd and chat. I wrote the instructions in Finnish. The modem manufacturer gave me a free router as thanks and posted the instructions on their site also.
  • When I was getting into coding as a teenager, I wrote a 2.5D Pong clone with a nice tracker music soundtrack. It's called Super Winball. It's a Windows game and still quite fun I think.
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