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Welcome to my website!

Check out my tech-oriented blog, my retrospective travel blog or some of the various other works I've made.

Feel free to ask or comment on the articles if you come up with something.


Latest blog updates

2020-08-31Motu M4 review: Add note about fixed duplex sound support.
2020-06-06Resizing KVM disk images: Add how to remove Windows recovery partition.
2020-05-11Converting modules into bitstream format: Add case study: Unreal Tournament soundtrack.
2020-04-12Of life and love: New article.
2019-12-31Uupumus - burnout (in Finnish): Lisätty loppuvuoden tilannepäivitys.
2019-12-31Burnout: Add end of the year status update.
2019-11-23ESP8266 deep-sleep repeatedly: Add power consumption measurements.
2019-07-29Asus should focus more on ergonomics than style: Add note about fixed Wi-Fi.
2019-05-16Metal strap rocks: New article.
2019-05-03Widening narrow ice skates with a DIY tool: New article.

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